LASSIE-FP7 Workshop took place in L’Aquila

LFoundry S.r.l., a member of the LASSIE-FP7 consortium, organised a workshop on 6 July 2016 at the University of L’Aquila, Italy. The event provided insights into the progress and challenges of the research on Large Area Solid State Intelligent Efficient Luminaries.  As the research is coming to its end, Rolando Ferrini of CSEM, LASSIE-FP7 coordinator, and his project fellow researchers of BASF, Fraunhofer IIS+IISB, VTT, REGENT LIGHTING, GAIKER and LFoundry have presented some of the partial results reached.  Lighting technologies trends, market outlook and research projects funding options have been presented by Elena Turco of AMIRES. Some key points mentioned:

  • LASSIE-FP7 LED modules are set to reinforce competitive advantage of industries and create jobs.
  • LASSIE-FP7 LEDs can be used for large areas luminaries, at low cost, having intelligence embedded, demonstrating high efficiency and quality, and being environmental.
  • New technologies enabling large format optical sensors and individual optimization of sensor and readout circuitry processes are to be presented soon.

Click HERE to see the presentations.