Work packages

In order to achieve LASSIE-FP7 objectives, the work plan is divided into eight Work Packages (WPs), each targeting specific objectives, tasks and expected results.


WP1: Specification and requirements

WP Leader: Adrian von Mühlenen, BASF


  • To gather all relevant information to steer the project
  • To assess the critical success factors
  • To define the target specifications from the end user point of view
  • To provide the technology boundary conditions and eco-efficiency analysis

WP2: Light management structures

WP Leader: Oscar Fernández, CSEM


  • To develop large-area, low-cost, R2R compatible light management solutions including light in-coupling, guiding and out-coupling optical micro/nano structures as well as the integration of existing colour conversion solutions for the realization of large-area, rigid-to-flexible planar lighting modules with performance levels (lumen output, luminous efficacy, light quality, lifetime and environmental impact) according to end-user requirements

 WP3: Intelligent lighting

WP Leader: Stephan Junger, FhG IIS


  • To develop a sensor device and integrate it monolithicly in CMOS technology that will provide cost effective colour feedback for the SSL modules

 WP4: Lighting system integration

WP Leader: Kimmo Keränen, VTT


  • To design, process and evaluate the lighting system integration
  • To develop efficient alignment and bonding processes for LED components and light guides
  • To develop effective heat management structures

WP5: Environmental and cost assessment

WP Leader: Leire Barruetabeña, GAIKER


  • To assess the environmental (LCA) and cost (LCC) impacts of the developed lighting modules for the full product life cycle in order to improve its global sustainability
  • To identify potential improvements on the lighting module design to reduce environmental impacts through its life cycle

WP6: Demonstration

WP Leader: Thierry Dreyfus, REGENT


  • To integrate LASSIE-FP7 modules into luminaires
  • To make project goals measurable by comparing the tested components and luminaires with the defined specification
  • To ensure that the LASSIE-FP7 modules meet the requirements of the lighting industry and the end users
  • To ensure that all safety and performance standards are met

 WP7: Public awareness and results exploitation

WP Leader: Elena Turco, AMIRES


  • To increase public awareness
  • To prepare recommendations for policy makers on SSL
  • To manage the collective impact of the consortium
  • To contribute to international standardization efforts on energy management

 WP8: Management and coordination

WP Leader: Rolando Ferrini, CSEM


  • To coordinate the actions of participants and monitor progress for achievements of project goals
  • To identify and mitigate project risks